LED Autolamps

LED Autolamps
  • Australian designed
  • Premium components
  • SMD LEDs
  • Multi voltage
  • High quality plastics
  • Superior sealing methods
  • Fully submersible
  • Intelligent manufacturing
  • Manufacturing control
  • Quality control
  • Tests exceeds standards

LED Technologies is a manufacturer and importer of automotive LED products. It developed and designed a new and distinctive looking square shaped automotive tail lamp which it manufactured in Taiwan and obtained Design Registrations.

LED Technologies, manufacturers of LED Autolamps, have begun manufacturing the all new MaXiLED Stop/Tail/Indicator and Reverse lamp. A first in Australia and certified to proudly carry the “Made in Australia” logo. Using only quality components and plastics sourced from overseas suppliers and utilizing our own full SMD/component assembly line to fit out, solder and testing of circuit boards. The finished boards are then fitted to the base, fully potted and sealed against water and dust ingress then assembled with specially designed chrome inner reflectors, honey comb designed lens with reflex reflectors. The finished lamps are then fully tested and packaged into the LED Autolamps blister clamshells.

Click here to download the LED Autolamps catalogue.

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